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At IAS we begin career exploration in tenth grade, using a number of tools available on the Internet. For students planning to study in Mexico and other countries, this is especially important, as they must apply directly to a particular career/major starting their university studies. Those going on to the United States and often Canada have more time to choose their major, usually after one-two years in college. Even if they must apply to a particular program upon entry, they generally have the chance to change without jeopardizing the credits they have earned.

Students begin to search for colleges in their junior year. We explore all aspects that affect a student’s choice: region, size, majors, financial aid, PAA/SAT’s, acceptance rates, requirements, selectivity, sports, activities, etc. We use various tools including The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, and Quickstart. The student should end up with a short list of colleges to apply to by the end of the second semester of their junior year. Applications for universities in the U.S begin in the first semester of their senior year. For students planning on applying to schools in Mexico, the application process is in the second semester