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Positive discipline

During kinder and elementary years students are in the process of acquiring social and interpersonal Skills. It is our job to offer support and encourage themthroughout this process in a dynamic and motivating manner. The following strategies are applied:

1. Learning Centers

Learning centers are an exciting addition to a classroom. They make it possible to offer a variety of activities that can be completed by students in teams or individually. For example: drama, mathematics, art, writing, ipads for research and reading, amongst others.

2. Peace Station

It is normal for children to have conflicts or disagreements with their peers, friends or siblings. In the classroom there is a table to hold Peace Meetings where students can reach agreements and learn to resolve conflicts. This invites the students to look for solutions, develop self management and independence.

The children involved must sit at the table, place their hand on their heart and take turns expressing how the situation made them feel, they will work together to find a solution or reach an agreement. When they have, they must ring a bell, signaling the end of the conflict for the teacher to know they have found a satisfactory solution to their disagreement.

3. Super Power Place

This is a strategy for relaxation where the designated spot is the super power place. The student may go there to calm down, reflect on the situation and think of a solution. This technique prevents impulsive behavior and helps with anger management or anxiety. It can be used prior to the Peace Table Strategy in order to open the lines of communication.

4. Emotional Development Forms

Students will learn to develop emotional skills by the use of worksheets that promote self­ evaluating and reflecting, identifying their emotions and resolving conflicts. We will encourage the students to use the Wheel of Choices to find a positive solution to the conflict.

5. Teachers will establish the class rules with their Spanish partners in order to avoid confusion.

6. There will be a direct reflection form for the student that engages in any act of verbal or physical aggression.

7. Brain Gym are exercises to activate motor and intellectual skills through a series of simple exercises.

8. Natural Consequence

For example: If I forget my thermos, I will be thirsty. I need to find a bottle to use. A natural consequence is anything that happens as a result of an action. Natural consequences often help children learn responsibility.