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Africam Safari

The eagle is a majestic bird which has a double significance in IAS.

The bald eagle is our mascot and is an integral part of us being an American school.

The golden eagle is an emblematic bird of Mexico. You can find it on the country flag, coins and official documents

More than 8 years ago the elementary school began visiting Africam safari as part of the 6th grade trip. Africam Safari began 40 years ago as a zoo and now it is a refuge and center for research and reproduction for animals in danger of extinction. Students camp on the grounds and have the opportunity to really get close to the animals and understand their care and precarious situations. It is there that we discovered that they have a programme that works with 32 golden eagles. There are only 110 pairs of golden eagles left in the wild in Mexico.

The school is now an officially recognized patron and through fund raising activities organized by the students it has raised money to buy incubators, video and specialized equipment.